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Image by Ben White

Wherever you go, you meet part of your story. 

Growing up in the swampy wilds of northern Florida a half century ago, I loved spending long days searching for sharks' teeth in the creek, dragonflies on the neighbor's daylilies, and snakes under dead logs in the woods.

When I heard my father's whistle in the evening, I'd glide my bike through puddles teeming with waterbugs to come home for dinner, and afterwards, drawing and reading 'til bedtime.

It's this fondness for nature and creativity that led me to raise my own children in a country home filled with books and art supplies and love.

I also spent many years developing and teaching classes for children and their caregivers that combined picture books, science, and art in fun and innovative ways.

Now, I'm thrilled to bring the beauty and delights of nature, animals, crafts, friends, and fun adventures to my children's picture book manuscripts and illustrations.

I invite you to come with me, and "meet part of your story."


Eudora Welty

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